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As one of the largest entrepreneurship networks globally, Bridge for Billions creates, designs, and manages entrepreneurship programs with foundations, corporations, and public entities that have benefited more than 3000 entrepreneurs in more than 99 countries. Its objective is to facilitate access to entrepreneurial support for all types of entrepreneurs with a common purpose: to boost innovation that solves the problems that truly matter, generate economic growth, and new decent job opportunities.

Bridge for Billions, recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30, Ashoka, and Acumen, has worked with more than 100 organizations such as Coca-Cola, Accenture or BMW, and institutions such as the United Nations in the development of entrepreneurship programs that support diverse entrepreneurs in the creation of innovative solutions for today’s most pressing issues.

In 6 years, Bridge has grown to a team of 29 people from 13 nationalities, with headquarters in Madrid, where most of our team is based; an emerging LATAM HQ in Antigua, Guatemala, with a few team members; and a few people based in different places around the world. We will likely end the year 2022 as a team of 40 people.



We’re looking for an experienced Senior Program Manager to be based in Africa who will work hand in hand with our Customer Success and Program Management team to manage the implementation of our HealthTech Innovation Program. The Program Manager will ensure our users ( Entrepreneurs & Mentors) as well as our corporate clients, have the best possible experience by identifying clients’ needs to deliver adequate solutions, as well as provide email and in person support, gathering their feedback, and achieving the programs’ set objectives.


  • Client Management (30%)
  • Meet with the client to finalize the program design and objectives
  • Meet with the client on a weekly/bi-weekly basis to report the program progress and maximize client’s satisfaction.
  • Provide detailed updates about programs’ health, participants’ comments and KPIs to the Bridge team and the client.
  • Identify issues quickly and come up with suggestions on how to solve them for the program to run smoothly and provide the desired results.
  • Coordinate and prepare for the delivery of the program milestones: overseeing the program progress, mentoring sessions, program checkpoints with participants, experts sessions, etc.
  • Support applicants and their queries through each stage of the program.
  • Program & Accelerator Management (60%)
  • Manage fully the implementation of all elements of the program based on set timelines, objectives and design
  • Plan communications and messaging. Create and propose new improvements for program management processes based on feedback and coordinate with our Tech team to resolve any technical issues
  • Host calls and/or physical trainings with entrepreneurs and mentors to onboard them, coach them, create cohort cohesion and ensure their success
  • Work on the design and execution of the investment readiness program.
  • Meet with each startup bi-weekly to check-in on team progress throughout the incubation and investment readiness program.
  • Offer guidance and advice to startups in the Investment Readiness Phase and ensure they meet the set goals for the program
  • Recruit top speakers and local subject matter experts for the group sessions. Manage the successful organization of all group sessions.
  • Provide detailed updates about programs’ health, participants comments and KPIs to the Bridge team as well as our client.
  • Assess the impact of each program via end of the program through surveys and impact monitoring
  • Events Management (10%)
  • Work hand in hand with the client , our programs management & marketing team to deliver 2 in person HealthTech events in Rwanda
  • Recruit top keynote speakers and plan events agenda
  • Ensure adequate promotion of the program to achieve attendance objectives
  • Oversee implementation of a Women in Health Hackathon, exhibition and pitch session as part of the event
  • Manage event budget to achieve value for money
  • Provide final report of the events to client and internally to the rest fo the team


Hard Skills:

  • Fluent French and English
  • Deep understanding and engagement with the venture and start-up ecosystem.
  • Prior experience and knowldege working in the field public health/digital health
  • 3-5 years of previous start-up experience required in an operations based role (managing large scale projects)
  • 3-5 years of previous experience in partnerships and client management
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Communications, Marketing, International Relations, or comparable degrees
  • Good writing skills, having a friendly yet professional tone, and delivering information efficiently.
  • Knowledge of entrepreneurs’ struggles and what they need in the early stages, able to coach or mentor entrepreneurs, speaks the language of business planning, knowledge of innovation frameworks and day-to-day of founders.
  • Outstanding tech savviness: you should be at ease with tech tools such as Trello, Slack, Google Drive, or eager to learn and a quick learner. Good grasp of spreadsheets.

Soft Skills

  • Growth mindset and resilience to overcome challenges, and understanding that systemic change requires hard work.
  • Customer-success mindset, outstanding oral and written communication with clients.
  • Problem-solver, and self-starter, who can be up and running in no time after thorough company onboarding. Someone who is not afraid to speak in front of an audience of entrepreneurs and stand up for themselves.
  • Someone who’s passionate about communicating and interacting with users: a good communicator.
  • Strong organizational and coordination skills: you will have a lot of different types of responsibilities, so it is essential to be able to stay organized.
  • You don’t get easily overwhelmed or stuck in planning mode.
  • You like interacting with people and networking, you’re not intimidated to reach out to new people in the entrepreneurial space.
  • Extraordinary attention to detail: you test things yourself before making them go public, and you dislike when your work has imperfections.
  • Someone passionate about communicating and interacting with users: a good communicator. on this data to improve program outcomes.
  • Digital proficiency, you like testing new tools and improving processes.
  • Resourcefulness and good common sense to approach problems efficiently.

Skills We Look For In All Bridge Members

  • Purpose alignment: This position is not just “a job” but aligns with your purpose, the impact you want to make in this world, and who you want to become.
  • Values Alignment: You embody our 4 team values: Courage, Grit, Empathy, and Gumption.
  • You have a start-up mindset — highly collaborative with an entrepreneurial, roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. You’re not afraid to be responsible for the outcomes of your work and work independently when required.
  • You take the initiative, are results-driven, and show empathy in all your interactions with team members, entrepreneurs, mentors, and partners.
  • You have powerful emotional intelligence that lets you quickly understand people’s needs and expectations and develop trust, engagement, and commitment in your relationships.
  • Passion for your work and lifelong learning.
  • Growth mindset and resilience to overcome challenges, and understanding that systemic change requires hard work.



  • Once you apply and we review your application, we will send you a quick Typeform to complete so we know we’re aligned on the basics and logistics of the role.
  • If we are, we’ll invite you to a 1st 30-minute check-in just to explain a bit more about the process and get to know each other a little better.
  • If there’s a match, we will send you a practical challenge to be resolved within three days (it can vary depending on the position you’re applying for)
  • We’ll review your practical challenge, and if it meets the goals, we will invite you to a Technical Interview where we will go over the challenge and talk more about your hard skills.
  • If everything goes well, we will invite you to a Mutual Interview, a shared space where you will be able to ask us anything you want to make sure Bridge for Billions is where you want to take your next professional step!


  • Compensation of 28,000 USD – 32,000 USD per year, depending on the profile
  • Location: any country in Africa
  • Start date: as soon as we find the right person.
  • Contract type: full-time, as contractor to Bridge for Billions, PBC, our HQ in the United States.


Impact & Team

  • A real vision for systemic change in the entrepreneurship sector, to make it more equitable, inclusive, and efficient
  • Work on something that matters, and contribute to helping thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world. The chance to shape the company by taking on a key role in a booming social enterprise.
  • A dynamic international team of young professionals with lots of passion and a clear vision.
  • Co-created values, a compass to achieve our mission: Gumption, Courage, Grit, and Empathy.
  • Check out Bridge team members’ reviews on Glassdoor.


  • You will become part of a global team, with the opportunity for a full-time contract working in the Program Management subarea or another department once the internship is done.
  • 4-day company retreats once or twice a year paid for by the company. Fundamental in our culture, they help us align, grow in leadership, tackle big topics, and bond as a team, and they’re led by external and experienced coaches and facilitators.
  • Learning budget based on a specific need or opportunity (examples: team members have accessed backend Bootcamp, leadership training, or facilitation training).
  • Big feedforward and feedback culture. Monthly one-on-ones with your team lead to help you grow and in-depth individual and peer-reviews 4 times per year.
  • Team members are encouraged to give talks, and giveeceive internal training.

Materials, Flexibility & Remote Work

  • We will provide you with a second-hand Macbook computer bought from our friends at Backmarket or equivalent so you can do your best work while preventing e-waste.

Flexible working hours and remote days.

  • If you’re based in Madrid we have a great office in the city center with lots of light, big screens, and a huge terrace. We love to grab lunch together and talk about life’s silly and deeper things.

Company: Bridge for Billions

Vacancy Type: Full Time 

Job Location: Kigali, Kigali City, Rwanda

Application Deadline: N/A

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