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Job purpose

Provide effective guidance / support to team members on a daily basis the delivery of the Operating Plan in the refinery operating assigned Sub -Complex / Area: Heavy Oils (CDU/VDU/SGP/LTU/KTU/DCU), Hydro processing (HCU/DHT/HPU/PSA), Sulfur Utilities WWTP and Complex Offsite Logistics – Solid Handling, under Operation Complex, during the assigned shift and assigned Area unit, acting as contact point for all team members and area housekeeping champion, through; (1) Leading by setting a good example and engaging the team to achieve their goals (2) Coordinator for daily operation and maintenance activities, SAP approval, SAP activities, SCM activities & other related activities (3) Proactively ensures smooth team operations and effective collaboration among team members, (4) Support Area Manager in critical and emergency situation; in order to ensure company policy and procedures compliance on Safety, PSM, Internal and External audit & PTW audit, as well as, ensures that specific plant Area unit throughput / products meets required specifications in the most economical and safe manner.

The position will act in accordance with the OQ8’s Mission, Vision, Values & Strategies, as well as, policies, guidelines, and international standards, supported by an IT Technology platform, HSE standards, Oman’s government & other legal justification’s, and best international practices in consonance with national objectives.

Main tasks and responsibilities

  • Support Manager Area in critical and emergency situation for one of the seven (7) assigned area:
  • Heavy Oils CDU/VDU/SGP/LTU/KTU
  • Heavy Oils DCU
  • Hydroprocessing HCU
  • Hydroprocessing DHT/HPU/PSA
  • Utilities/ WWTP
  • Offsite/ logistics/ Solids Handling.
  • Ensures that the Operation risk management plans and activities are adequate and completed prior to the commencement of maintenance activities.
  • Ensures operations resources are adequately qualified and fully comply with all operations requirements.
  • Area housekeeping champion.
  • Area Coordinator for:
  • Daily operation and maintenance activities
  • SAP approval
  • SAP activities
  • Takes charge of the assigned area operations from the previous Team Leader with details of any operational abnormalities or changes during the previous shift.
  • Reviews reports and logbooks from the previous shift and plans shift activities accordingly.
  • Provide a consolidated handover report (Logbook), with all major highlights and constraints experienced during the shift in the assigned area in detail for the next shift.
  • Provides feedback on plant status in a structured way during shift meetings.
  • Ensure Area Manager is fully informed regarding all shift activities.
  • Supervises all operations, maintenance, and HSE-related activities during the assigned shift.
  • Carries out a detailed inspection of all assigned units to ensure compliance to SOPs and operating instructions.
  • Ensures unit housekeeping and basic equipment care.
  • Ensures proper manpower planning in close cooperation with Area Manager.
  • Ensure staff training and development in conjunction with the process trainer.
  • Ensure company policy and procedures compliance:
  • Safety
  • PSM
  • Internal and External audit
  • PTW audit

Maintenance Coordination

  • Approves maintenance Notifications into Work Orders.
  • Supports maintenance Planning activities with the preparation of Work-packs for Work Order execution.
  • Works with Maintenance team members with respect to the timings and preparations of equipment for maintenance activities.
  • Ensures that maintenance work orders have been fully completed accepted by Operations and are closed out in the SAP system.
  • Manages the impacts of the disruption in maintenance resources during work execution.
  • Ensures plant equipment related to the assigned area is in optimum operating condition.
  • Review and raises all SAP notifications (Work Orders) requested by the end-users in the event of malfunction or breakdown of equipment and ensure they are clear and justified.
  • Identifies and prioritizes maintenance critical equipment and follows through to work completion.
  • Ensures the availability of critical and standby equipment by checking and updating the status of all maintenance work in progress within the assigned area.
  • Ensure maintenance activity schedules are aligned with operations.

Inventory Control

  • Responsible to support SAP updates for operations activities.
  • Delivers details of temporary facilities required by Operations.
  • Monitors and controls consumption of chemicals, catalysts, lubricants, equipment, and other related consumables ensuring economic usage and issue a list of unavailable items.
  • Work closely with maintenance-related jobs, chemicals ordering, etc.
  • Enter SAP postings of product and feedstock

Key interactions

Internal: Works with the Operations Manager, employees, and others as required

External: Contractors. External agencies as required.

Notable Working Conditions. Field Operations and office environment, Moderate to intensive computer screen use. (Shift)

Education requirements

Minimum Qualifications for this position is a Diploma in Engineering or similar.

Language requirements

Excellent knowledge of written, read, and spoken English (required) | Arabic – Native (desirable)

Background and experience

Competencies and skills

  • At least 15 years’ experience in the oil refining industry.
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in the same role / Team Leader in an oil refinery within the Petrochemical industry.
  • Knowledge of the Refining process and plant equipment.
  • Experience in supporting the installation of at least one SAP system for maintenance management on behalf of the Operations team.
  • Strong technical knowledge of the refinery process and plant equipment.

Knowledge of most of the following process technologies:

  • Hydroprocessing HCU/ DHT/HPU/PSA
  • Utilities/ WWTP
  • Offsite/ logistics/ Solids Handling
  • SAP initial implementation.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Calm under pressure.
  • Acute Observation / Inspection skills
  • Analytical thinking Skills
  • Effective planning and organizing skills
  • Good understanding of risk and risk management.

Company: Duqm Refinery

Vacancy Type: Full Time 

Job Location: محافظة الوسطى Wilayat Ad Duqm عمان

Application Deadline: N/A

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