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  • Balkhoorma” LLC is looking for a specialist for the position of food technologist.
  • The requirements for the post of Food Technologist are as follows:
  • 1. Must have at least 3-5 years of work experience in drying processing, production, packaging and storage technologies of fruit products;
  • 2. Must have modern knowledge and skills on modern fruit drying methods, composition, structure, processing, packaging and storage rules of fruits;
  • 3. To ensure the storage of dried fruit products in accordance with advanced storage rules, to make suggestions regarding storage rules;
  • 4. Development and application of technological processes of progressive, economically justified various fruit products and product release regimes of the enterprise, and to submit proposals and improvement reports on them,
  • 5. To determine production regimes that can ensure the technological preparation and technical reconstruction of production, saving raw materials, materials, labor, and improving the quality of products and works (production processes), and to submit proposals and improvement reports related to them,
  • 6. To control the preparation of technological documentation of new techniques and technology implementation plans, their provision to workshops, fields and other production units and their application in accordance with the rules,
  • 7. Preparation of new types of dried fruit products, for this purpose, the application of scientific and technical achievements, the application of advanced technology, the design of technological systems, the provision of justified technological solutions and proposals for the complex mechanization and automation of production, the application of technological supplies and tools, and the observance of the norms for the use of equipment ,
  • 8. To participate in the preparation of measures for the reconstruction of enterprises, the reduction and minimization of the periods of application, testing and mastering of new equipment and technology, increasing the production capacity, improving the product quality and improving the labor organization;
  • 9. Must participate in the application and testing of new machines and mechanisms, mechanization and automation in production, and in the work of the system and equipment acceptance commission.
  • 10. To make suggestions about the minimization of waste generated as a result of processing and other production processes of the enterprise and the production technology of alternative products from waste, and justify them economically.
  • Salary and other social issues will be determined during the interview.

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Company: Balkhoorma LLC

Vacancy Type: Full Time 

Job Location:  Balakan District, Contiguous Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan

Application Deadline: N/A

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