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Main Purpose:

Reporting to the Terminal Manager/Terminal Supervisor, this role is responsible to ensure primary checks are done before entering Puma terminals in order to maintain safe operation at the terminals.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities, Key Responsibilities:

Key Responsibilities

  • Checks vehicles and personnel going through the gate to ensure that they are safe and their conduct conforms to PUMA safety requirements before allowing them access into the terminal.
  • Ensure security and safeguard of company assets and stocks at the Terminal.
  • Ensure only the drivers of the vehicle is allowed to driver into the terminal to pick up own product. Instruct him to be in the vehicle at all times and his products be loaded by the storeman.
  • Checks and advises customers and vehicles on safety requirements and awareness in the Terminal. Ensure to communicate to the drivers the route drivers require to follow in order to access locations of services
  • Ensure that safety practices are understood and observed. For instance, removing of matches at the gate and advice on “NO SMOKING” regulations are acknowledged.
  • Highlights any irregularities to the Supervisor and managers.
  • Check at the gate to ensure entries to the Terminal are for business and authorized reasons only. Ensure all contractors and visitors are registered at the gate and obtain access ID Pass before allowing them access into the terminal or depot.
  • Ensure to communicate with the terminal managers and or appropriate supervisors and obtain approval before allowing any contractors or visitors to access the premises.
  • Ensure that all stock movements are properly accounted for, that is, they are supported by documents. Example load dockets are raised and authorized and that they are matched to sales and stock documents.
  • Carries out physical checks and counts on stocks to verify against authorized documentation.
  • Maintains accurate stock registers such as daily drum counts, inward drum register e.g. performs daily meter off-take readings.
  • Participate in the tanker loading/discharge operations and any other tasks as advised by the supervisors.
  • Physically carry out verifications checks on bulk tanker dips to verify quantity and seals before the tanker departs the terminal.
  • Inward goods and Outward goods check and correct documents raised and registered in gate log daily.
  • All documents raised and received at the gate should be forwarded to the terminal clerks immediately.
  • Daily matching /examining – load dockets, invoices, prices discrepancies and filing of media (does not mean he/she corrects errors. – Errors must be corrected by the initiator



  • Technical Graduate or minimum of Grade 12 Certificate
  • Minimum 2-3 years’ work experience in a manufacturing or process facility.


  • Ability to operate effectively as a team member
  • Able to work under pressure with minimal supervision
  • Basic computer skills like Microsoft Word & Excel
  • Has good oral and written communication skills


  • Application of workplace safety practices and procedures.
  • Detail-oriented with high attention span, with ability to detect abnormalities

Key Relationships and Department Overview:


  • Internal – Terminal Supervisors, Terminal Manager, Terminal Operators, Plant Assistants, Refuellers
  • External – Customers, Contractors, Suppliers

Company: Puma Energy

Vacancy Type: Full Time 

Job Location:  Lae, Papua New Guinea

Application Deadline: N/A

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