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in 2022

About the job


  • You will assist in reviews of the suitability of the credit risk framework
  • Assess the completeness and appropriateness of key elements within the credit risk framework
  • Assist in reviews of the appropriateness of and adherence to risk appetite, policy and operational process statements
  • Assess the completeness and appropriateness of policy and risk appetite statements
  • Identify gaps in existing processes and operating procedures (SOPs), proposing practical action plans for improvement
  • Assess compliance with policies and SOPs from credit analysis to credit decisioning, documentation, execution and monitoring, ensuring all exceptions are appropriately identified, approved and reported
  • Highlight lessons learned from Intensive Monitoring and Watch cases and provide feedback/insights to inform future policy and appetite
  • Assist in reviews of the consistency of credit decision making
  • Assess the quality/completeness of submissions to in scope credit committees
  • Assess the quality/completeness of analysis including whether any policy exceptions have been appropriately identified
  • Assess the consistency of decision making
  • Review and assess the depth and clarity of minutes/decision rationale
  • Identify and analyze trends in decisions made by in scope credit committees
  • Assist in the identification of potential or emerging risks within the portfolio as a whole
  • From MI and reviews undertaken, identify any portfolio level trends, analysing the drivers thereof, proposing practical action plans to address where appropriate
  • Undertake ‘what if’ analysis on different elements of the portfolio to assess robustness/vulnerability to stress both macro and sector level stresses agreeing appropriate action plans where necessary
  • Review concentrations and vulnerabilities within portfolios to identify any areas in which ONB is/may become exposed to outsized risk
  • Assist in the completion of problem debt reviews
  • Provide assurance on the identification of problem accounts
  • Ensure that problem accounts are being appropriately identified on a timely basis
  • Assess if problem accounts are being appropriately categorised in line with IFRS9 requirements
  • Provide assurance that problem accounts are being accurately reported
  • Assess the adequacy and appropriateness of Specific Provisions
  • Assist in the monitoring of data quality and accuracy
  • Review accuracy of inputs to PD and LGD models
  • Assess the appropriateness of model outputs and whether overrides should have been applied
  • Assess the completeness of ONB record keeping, particularly as regards key data fields
  • Assist in the assessment of facility documentation and the structural protection it provides
  • Review to ensure all loan and security documentation accurately reflects the terms of sanction
  • Assess whether all amendments to the terms of sanction and/or amendments to documentation post original approval have been clearly annotated and appropriately approved
  • Review whether facility and security documentation executed is materially complete and provides appropriate levels of protection

Desired skills

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Analytical skills – able to analyse credit risk in a methodical way also identifying related and contagion risk
  • Knowledge – a credit risk specialist, with experience and in-depth knowledge of UK regulation and good credit practice
  • Attention to detail – identifies risks and proposes practical action plans to address
  • #OneTeam – can appropriately challenge the business, in a way which maintains good working relationships and co-operation , and capable of contributing to work undertaken by other teams within the Risk function
  • Energy and pace (#Momentum)
  • Commitment to excellence (#10x)
  • Ability to work with others in different parts of the business (#OneTeam)
  • Logical thinking, ability to get to the simplest answer as opposed to a convoluted one (#Right Ambition)
  • Possess a strong work ethic and a desire and commitment to get the job done well

About Us

We’re OakNorth Bank and we embolden entrepreneurs to realise their ambitions, understand their markets, and apply data intelligence to everyday decisions to scale successfully at pace.

Banking should be barrier-free. It’s a belief at our very core, inspired by our entrepreneurial spirit, driven by the unmet financial needs of millions, and delivered by our data-driven tools.

And for those who love helping businesses thrive? Our savings accounts help diversify the high street and create new jobs, all while earning savers some of the highest interest on the market.

But we go beyond finance, to empower our people, encourage professional growth and create an environment where everyone can thrive. We strive to create an inclusive and diverse workplace where people can be themselves and succeed.

Our story

OakNorth Bank was built on the foundations of frustrations with old-school banking. In 2005, when our founders tried to get capital for their data analytics company, the computer said ‘no’. Unfortunately, all major banks in the UK were using the same computer – and it was broken.

Why was it so difficult for a profitable business with impressive cashflow, retained clients, and clear commercial success to get a loan?

The industry was backward-looking and too focused on historic financials, rather than future potential.

So, what if there was a bank, founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs? One that offered a dramatically better borrowing experience for businesses?

No more what ifs, OakNorth Bank exists.

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Job Location: London, England, United Kingdom

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