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Founded by WildAid co-founder Peter Knights, OBE, and based out of Cape Town with offices in Lagos and shortly Kigali, Wild Africa Fund is a dynamic new African NPO. We aim to be the leading wildlife/environmental communicator across Africa by providing high-quality free-to-air documentaries, short films, music videos, animations and public service announcements to TV, radio and social media outlets. We will also provide promotion and support for on-the-ground conservation in sub-Saharan Africa. The 2023 budget for 2023 is $3m, raised through a US 501 c 3. Wild Africa Fund will continue and expand some existing programs and grants formerly managed by WildAid. It currently has 12 staff members and consultants with 4 open positions.

The new organisation has the culture of a fast-paced media organisation with delivery targets and time frames unlike traditional conservation institutions. We will be focused, efficient and pragmatic, valuing flexibility and speed. We seek to have transformational impact through our collaborative partnerships, working with empathy rather than judgement.

We are seeking to set up Rwandan operations to run a mass media conservation campaign and to support local conservation efforts, supervise translation of all materials to French and expand programmes to more Francophone countries.

This individual will earnestly want to change the world and protect Africa’s wildlife heritage. They will be inspired by the opportunity to play a pivotal role in our efforts to end the illegal wildlife trade, reduce human wildlife conflict and habitat loss and to promote wildlife tourism and carbon offsets to support local communities.

The goal of the Project Manager is to secure media partnerships in Rwanda as well as key Rwandan opinion leaders as ambassadors. In addition, they will ensure all materials are accurately translated into French, manage partnerships and grantees in Rwanda and eventually expand to other Francophone countries.


– Develop media partnerships in Rwanda and then other Francophone countries (TV, print, outdoor and social).

– Secure local conservation partners.

– Ensure all materials are accurately translated into French.

– Organise logistics for filming shoots.

– Manage relationships with local conservation, tourism industry and government agencies.

Requirements, Skills:

– Deep knowledge of wildlife conservation.

– Minimum 10 years experience in either conservation or media.

– Bilingual (Eng/Fre) with excellent writing skills in both.

– Excellent interpersonal and public speaking skills.

– Outstanding organisational abilities.

Key competencies, ideal profile:

Ideal candidates would be someone with extensive media (TV or paper) and/or conservation industry experience in Rwanda. The person will be highly professional and organised with experience managing, inspiring and monitoring peak performance and a track record of getting things done on a practical level.

Deep commitment to wildlife conservation programs is essential.

Initial contract would be for three months with a view to a one year contract or full-time employment if both parties are aligned.


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