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About the job

Role Purpose

The purpose of this role is to increase revenue, maximize processefficiency & cost-effectiveness, and ensure excellent customerexperience, through effective supervision of daily operations andpersonnel, contract compliance, resource optimization and capabilitydevelopment within an account.


  • Maximize process efficiency and cost effectiveness throughstrategic planning, contract compliance and governance mechanisms
    • Strategy Planning with Senior Stakeholders
      • Collaborate with leaders to provide strategic and operational plansassociated with the account
      • Plan the strategy for the coming years by identifying newgeographies for alternate revenue streams
      • Ensure a deep enough understanding of clients’ individualexperiences to head off potential issues before they become problems
    • Contract compliance & adherence
      • Ensure all SLA parameters are met in the account and maintain agreen card at all times
      • Review and drive appropriate actions/ systemic changes on internaland external audit findings to ensure no major non-compliances are cited
      • Monitor and review the account on various delivery parameters toensure quality delivery as per budget and timelines
    • Delivery governance in the account
      • Understand customer goals and key performance metrics and ensureexceeding those goals throughout the project
      • Ensure a green card for all accounts in terms of performance andquality
      • Monitor and review delivery dashboards/ MIS across accounts to trackprogress and identify potential red flags
      • Participate and share account performance across operational,quality and fulfillment parameters with internal and externalstakeholders
      • Lead and manage project escalations, potential risks or earlywarning signs on project delivery to eliminate any revenue leakage
      • Ensure regular invoicing as per the contract terms and condition
      • Forecast and track key account metrics
    • Invoicing
      • Timely submission of invoices to the client as defined in the SOW
      • Provide information required and resolve any invoicing issues raisedby the client
    • Collect and analyze statistics (costs, customer service metricsetc.)
    • Assume responsibility of budgeting and tracking expenses
  • Ensure outstanding performance against key metrics mentionedin the agreement
    • Regular cadence around contract compliance
      • Evaluate performance with key metrics (accuracy, customer servicemetrics etc.)
      • Set direction for the team, track progress against targets throughregular cadence calls and course correct as require
      • Drive the focus of the team on quality and adherence to contractcompliance processes
      • Drive and implement structured cadence around quality, both processand transactional
      • Cadence with delivery lead to ensure margins are met and the accountnumbers are at par to what is committed
      • Weekly calls with WFM to ensure resource optimization, compliance tothe manpower numbers agreed in the contract, future planning in case oframp ups etc.
    • Resource Allocation & Retention
      • Conduct effective resource planning to maximize the productivity ofresources (people, technology etc.)
      • Review and monitor resource planning and fulfillment in line withaccount requirements and costs of delivery
      • Optimize manpower and minimize leakages by working closely withdelivery head
      • Ensure retention by offering relevant trainings and certificationsof all allocated resources
      • Lead one-on-one floor connect and other engagement activities toimprove stickiness of the delivery team
      • Collaborate and influence internal key stakeholders to manageand resolve issues to ensure fulfillment and flawless delivery ofprojects
      • Build people capability to ensure superior customer servicelevels of the existing account/client
      • Develop Capability within service line and products as peraccount requirements
      • Lead capability development initiatives to drive client specificcertifications
      • Co-create capability enhancement programs with client for frontline staff and supervisory level
      • Work with the Training and HR team to build and review trainingcalendar
      • Ensure customer-dedicated (as a result of change inprocess/tool), guaranteed trainings are conducted for the employees inthe areas of skill development, soft skill and leadership training
      • Ensure team KPIs are assigned & delivered with timeliness& accuracy keeping the end results in mind
      • Partner with HR and Training teams to build training programsfor front line staff/engineers and the supervisory level
      • Focus on helpingpeople develop their careers in order to retain people inthe account and reduce turnover

    • Stakeholder Interaction & Management
      • Coordinate with internal and external stakeholders to ensurecompliance and quality in the delivery for accounts
      • Interact and engage with the client leadership to communicateand update progress against account plan, project delivery etc.
      • Connect with senior leadership monthly on updating on theprogress on a particular account
      • Conduct monthly client connects to get feedback from client onthe services provided as well as update the clients on the progress onthe account
      • Cadence with delivery lead to ensure margins are met and theaccount numbers are at par to what is committed
      • Participate in monthly review meetings with WIPRO leadershipupdating them on the status and progress of each account
      • Work with quality team to ensure the current business is as perthe delivery standards of the contract
      • Weekly calls with WFM to ensure resource optimization,compliance to the manpower numbers agreed, future planning in case oframp ups etc.
      • Provide timely assistance in case of an escalation and supportresolution of escalations/ issues

  • Effective Team Management
    • Resourcing
      • Hire adequate and right resources for the team
    • Talent Management
      • Ensure adequate onboarding and training for the team members toenhance capability & effectiveness
      • Build an internal talent pool and ensure their career progressionwithin the organization
      • Manage team attrition
      • Drive diversity in leadership positions
  • Performance Management
    • Set goals for the team, conduct timely performance reviews andprovide constructive feedback to own direct reports
    • Ensure that the Performance Nxt is followed for the entire team
  • Employee Satisfaction and Engagement
    • Lead and drive engagement initiatives for the team
    • Track team satisfaction scores and identify initiatives to buildengagement within the team

    Stakeholder Interaction

    Stakeholder Type

    Stakeholder Identification

    Purpose of Interaction


    SL Leadership

    Monthly Interaction & Reporting, Strategy andgovernance


    Manpower planning, shift planning as per workload etc.

    Delivery Lead

    Cadence around margins and revenues


    Quality assurance and contract compliance, Processimprovements

    Transition Team

    Handover process

    Business Finance

    Revenue/ OB booking, business planning, etc.


    Risk compliance


    Hiring and employee engagement and retention etc.


    Systems and platforms

    Talent Transformation Team, Competency Group

    Plan and support delivery of Technical Trainings, knowledgesharing


    Clients/ Customers

    Client connect to give updates and get feedback on the process.Fix any deviations


    Lists The Competencies Required To Perform This Role Effectively

  • Functional Competencies/ Skill
    • Domain/Industry Knowledge – Awareness and knowledge of broadeconomic, demographic, technological and global trends in the ITES/BPOindustry – Expert
    • Technical Knowledge – Knowledge of operational processes,quality certifications etc. in a BPO/ITES setup- Expert
    • Project Management – Knowledge of project management and handson experience in Agile methodology – Expert

    Competency Levels


    Knowledgeable about the competency requirements. Demonstrates (inparts) frequently with minimal support and guidance.


    Consistently demonstrates the full range of the competencywithout guidance. Extends the competency to difficult and unknownsituations as well.


    Applies the competency in all situations and is serves as a guideto others as well.


    Coaches others and builds organizational capability in thecompetency area. Serves as a key resource for that competency and isrecognized within the entire organization.

  • Behavioral Competencies
    • Project Management Skills
    • Analytical Skills
    • Execution Excellence
    • Managing Complexity
    • Handling Pressure
    • Client centricity
    • Passion for results
    • Nurturing people
    • Stakeholder Management



    Performance Parameter


  • Process & Performance

    Zero non-conformance on timelines with respect to the client/stakeholder requirements

    Green card

    %Metrics met


  • Client Management


    Zero escalations on delivery

    Resolution of escalations

    Zero non-conformance on security or compliance requirements

  • Team Management

    Team attrition %, Employee satisfaction score, %technicaltrainings, %general trainings

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Job Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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